Emily Bronte's Bullmastiff Keeper
If you thought Heathcliff had it rough on those moors, consider what Emily Brontë dishes out to her Bullmastiff, Keeper.
Emily Brontë was famous for her Gothic novel, Wuthering Heights. But she was also a Bullmastiff owner with a rather heavy hand.
Guinness no longer keeps records on the world's heaviest dog. But before they stopped, a Mastiff named Zorba broke that record.
This ancient Roman statue of a cropped Molosser, called the Jennings Dog, is named after its 18th-Century English owner, Henry Constantine Jennings.
Thorneywood Terror was a Bullmastiff prototype who always got his man.
Dogo Argentino ready for a walk
Molossers take their patrolling function very seriously, and walks are an important outlet for that.
The "M word" is loaded with dewy myth ... and plenty of ambiguity.
Carol Beans of Tauralan Bullmastiffs in California walks us through the breed standard, line by line.
Did Hollywood heartthrob Rudolph Valentino own the very first Cane Corsos in the United States? Check out our exclusive photos, and decide for yourself!
When the British Kennel Club instituted veterinary checks at its highest-profile show, the Neapolitan Mastiff suffered most from the scrutiny. Now a thoughtful campaign within the breed to put extremes in check is bearing fruit.
Black mask Dogue
Black-nose Dogues de Borsdeaux are mistaken for Bullmastiffs, and the color may one day disappear from the breed due to lack of interest and appreciation.