Because of a quirk of biology, a litter of puppies can have more than one father. We explore these intentional "multi-sired" litters.
In this unabashed love letter to the two breeds that have captivated her over the decades – the Mastiff and, later, the Bullmastiff – Judy Nash sums up their essence with anecdotes so powerful and moving, we'd keep the Kleenex close by.
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The new Cane Corso illustrations released by the Italian kennel club caused a stir among fanciers around the globe. We look at the big picture.
Guaglione is arguably the Neapolitan Mastiff who started it all ... the first Italian champion and an important catalyst in the formation of the modern breed. Meet him and his champion, Piero Scanziani.
Bubba the therapy Dogue
Tag along with a very special Dogue de Bordeaux as he makes the rounds at a Boston children's hospital, dispensing cheer and hope along the way.
Barely three years after its formal acceptance into the American Kennel Club, the Cane Corso is in crisis.  
Molosser owners often encounter "breedism" when they join training classes with more "traditional" breeds. Learn what Sharron Mischefski of New Zealand did to overcome these stereotypes -- and turn her once recalcitrant Bullmastiff into a non-stop dog who's dying to work for her!
If you were judging a ring full of Mastiffs in Heaven, which dogs would you like to see within those pearly gates?

Bullmastiff from a 1952 French magazine cover, which referred to it as “the dog of the future.” But in breeding for the time and place in which they live, are breeders irrevocably changing the breed’s fundamental character?
While I was at school, I had two burning ambitions: One was to own a Bullmastiff and the other was to have a Bull Terrier with my own affix. For as long as I can remember, we had show dogs in our home, and to us, there was only one type of Bull Terrier: the white, dome-faced, very jaunty creature...