Rare Molossers

Actually, Bulldog influence is not always something to celebrate in Molossers.
Never Ebeneezer Scrooge or Oliver Twist. The cast of characters we're focused on are the many real-life dogs owned by famous author Charles Dickens.
A Tosa Inu aficionado goes in search of a new puppy.
Enrico Drudi of Tisama Tosa Ken kennel in San Marino shares three decades of experience with the Tosa Inu, Japan's answer to the mastiff.

AKC-registered Boerboel must have pedigrees that pass a litmus test.
Can you get your South African-bred Boerboel registered with the American Kennel Club? It depends on what's in that pedigree.
Among all the Molossers, the Boerboel arguably has the most unfixed type. One way to think of the breed is the middle ground between the Bullmastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux.
Irina Kyyanitsya shares her experiences with this larger-than-life guard dog from Central Asia, also known as the Alabai.

Deer Run Arbaco, a dog found in the pedigrees of many American-bred Presas.
Did Tobin Jackson of Deer Run Mastiff fame "create" the American Presa Canario?
Ca de Bou, the medium-sized Molosser
Photo: Doggy Soul
This rare Molosser packs a lot of character in a medium-size package.
John Swinford and his Bandog, Bantu.
Swinford with the original Bantu.
A half-century ago, John Swinford decided to re-create the medieval guard dog. Here's how he did it.