Javier Melei intends to govern with his five genetically identical Molossers at his side.
The Near East is the geographical region that stretches from the eastern shore of the Mediterranean (modern Israel, Lebanon and Syria) to the Zagros Mountains that form the western edge of the Iranian plateau, as far north as Anatolia (modern Turkey) and south to the Persian/Arab Gulf. The central...
Changing social norms — along with a British snub — likely contributed to the French mastiff regaining its nature ear.

Photo: Natascha Den Herder
Comparing the width and length of the Molosser head.

Graphic from the SABBS Illustrated Breed Standard Terminology sheet. How many numbers can you correctly identify? (Scroll down to the bottom of the story for answers.)
This South African assessment is a worthwhile tool for understanding a dog’s strengths and weaknesses.

No photographs of Evelaine exist. This illustration was generated with AI.
Devastated by the monarch's death, this royal dog kept a years-long vigil.
An unsatisfying ending to a controversial Mastiff crossbreeding project.