Farcroft Fidelity, bred by S.E. Moseley, was the breed's first CC winner in the United Kingdom.
How a British dog dealer named S.E. Moseley created the modern Bullmastiff -- or took credit for it, at least.

Bull Mastiff Ch. Athos, owned by a Miss Lane, likely 1930s.
A hyphen is just a little dash – except when it’s not.   Almost a century ago, when the Kennel Club in the United Kingdom changed the name of the Bull-Mastiff to the Bullmastiff, it was no trivial technicality: It signified that the Bullmastiff had finally shaken off its traditional...
The former mayor of Lhasa, Tibet, outlines the three types of Tibetan Mastiffs sought after in its homeland.
The Bullmastiff was designed to be a stealthy nighttime guardian.
A Bullmastiff with no tail? A larger Cane Corso? A Shar-Pei on steroids? No, it's a Boerboel, and those unfamiliar with the breed have a large learning curve.
Your heart is encased in a cement block, your throat is in a vice, and your whole body feels like you are dragging the Titanic’s anchor behind you. This is what it feels like to mourn a Molosser.  
From brindle to black, formentino to fawn, the Cane Corso's beauty is expressed in many shades.
A fascinating visual look at the maturation process in the Neapolitan Mastiff.
A veterinarian shares the pros and cons — but mostly pros — of naturally reared and raw-fed Molossers.
With apologies to the Bard, how do Molosser owners suffer the slings and goobers of outrageous slobber?