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Farcroft Fidelity, bred by S.E. Moseley, was the breed's first CC winner in the United Kingdom.

Formula One

How a British dog dealer named S.E. Moseley created the modern Bullmastiff -- or took credit for it, at least.

Bull Mastiff Ch. Athos, owned by a Miss Lane, likely 1930s.

Just a Little Dash Will Do You

A hyphen is just a little dash – except when it’s not.
Almost a century ago, when the Kennel Club in the United Kingdom changed the name of the Bull-Mastiff to the Bullmastiff, it was no trivial technicality: It signified that the Bullmastiff had finally shaken off its traditional designation as a hybridized mishmash and ascended to the status of a genuinely unique purebred.

Raw Deal

A veterinarian shares the pros and cons — but mostly pros — of naturally reared and raw-fed Molossers.