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Reinstating the Draft

Draft-dog work is also known as carting, and here in Canada, it is a recognized Canadian Kennel Club title.
The purpose of draft work, as stated in the CKC rules and regulations, is “to demonstrate a dog’s usefulness as a draft animal, a reliable freighting companion and worker.” In other words, our working dogs can actually work!

Eye of the Beholder

In the hands of the most skilled dog men and women, breeding is nothing less than painting with genetics. The great breeder is a deft artist, combining deep technical skill with an “eye” – hard to define, easy to recognize.
Adele Pfenninger of the well-known Tailwynde kennel spent 32 years developing her tightly linebred strain of Bullmastiffs.

When it comes to breed type, more is not always more.

Fit for Function?

Bullmastiff judge and expert Billy Brittle shares his concern about overdone dogs — and the departure from breed type that they represent.

From Tibet With Love

Richard Eichhorn saw his first Tibetan Mastiff on a magazine page in 1978.
“Life magazine had an issue on the eight rarest breeds of dogs in the world, and the Tibetan Mastiff was one of them,” remembers Eichhorn, who lives in Palmdale, Calif. “I was about ready to get a Golden Retriever – and then I saw a golden Tibetan Mastiff.”
He wasted no time, getting his first dog that same year.

By the Numbers

They say Mastiffs are like Fritos: You can’t have just one.
So true. When people buy their first Mastiff, most aren’t aware of how addicting this breed is. I know I wasn’t … 

Meet the Central Asian Shepherd Dog

My passion for dogs started in 1982, when my uncle gave me a Collie. From that moment, I started to study that breed with great commitment. After I familiarized myself with all the bloodlines, I was asked to head the Collie club in my city.

At the time I thought that the Collie the best dog in the world, and I would never change breeds. But fate had a different plan in store.