Tibetan Mastiff

Boerboel registrations were on the upswing in 2018, along with many other Molosser breeds.
On the American Kennel Club's newly released list of its most popular breeds for 2018, most Molossers either maintained their rankings, or in some cases even moved up.
The former mayor of Lhasa, Tibet, outlines the three types of Tibetan Mastiffs sought after in its homeland.
What is true Tibetan Mastiff type? Richard Eichhorn returns to the history books for some clues.
Tibetan Mastiff breeder and judge Richard Eichhorn shares his introduction to the breed, and his strong opinions about how it should be classified.
Breeder-judge Richard Eichhorn gives a mentoring session on the nuances of Tibetan Mastiff head type.

Tu-Bo, a very influential Nepalese import to Europe in the late 1970s and early ’80s.
Marta Kowalska of Poland discusses stylistic schisms that threaten to divide Tibetan Mastiff fanciers.
Tibetan Mastiffs have been bred for thousands of years to work around people, not with them. Here's how to rewire their primitive instincts.
Yushu County, Tibet, in northwest China’s Qinghai Province is renowned for being the biggest breeding center of Tibetan Mastiffs in the world.
Tibetan Mastiff do-kyi, up close and personal
In this excerpt from his book, Don Messerschmidt navigates the challenging Himalayan terrain -- not to mention the occasional guerilla fighter -- to meet a group of legendary Tibetan Mastiffs.
Abandoned Tibetan Mastiffs compete with snow leopards on the Tibetan Plateau.