Tibetan Mastiff

Three decades ago, a Nepalese-bred Tibetan Mastiff named Tü-Bo set the standard for the breed throughout Europe. Today, however, he has been all but forgotten.
Perhaps now more than ever, the native breed from the Rooftop of the World finds itself at a crossroads.
"Big Splash," a Tibetan Mastiff who sold for an astronomical sum
Never mind blue-chip stocks: Several years ago, the way to make a fortune seemed to be by breeding Tibetan Mastiffs.
Tibetan Mastiff lithograph
It's unclear whether Marco Polo actually saw a Tibetan Mastiff while in China, but at minimum he introduced this exotic new breed to the Western world.
Judging Tibetan Mastiffs in China, the late Kristina Sherling finds a rollercoaster of extremes.
Tibetan Mastiff Bodhi and friend
Semillas de Amor ("Seeds of Love"), a privately funded orphanage in Guatemala, is home to 23 children, ranging from five to 12 years old - and three Tibetan Mastiffs whose life work is to protect, guard and comfort them.
British royals were among the first to own these exotic and ferocious Tibetan souvenirs, and when it came time to house them, zoological parks seemed as logical a place as any.
White Tibetan Mastiff
We plumb the debate over this unusual color of Tibetan Mastiff.
Twenty years ago, hardly anyone in Estonia knew anything about Tibetan Mastiffs. But todaty, this tiny Baltic country is an epicenter of Tibetan Mastiff breeding.  
Fan Yu of Beijing loves sculpting dogs. The Tibetan Mastiff is among his favorite breeds to create in clay, because they are so powerful and commanding.