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Boerboel registrations were on the upswing in 2018, along with many other Molosser breeds.
On the American Kennel Club's newly released list of its most popular breeds for 2018, most Molossers either maintained their rankings, or in some cases even moved up.

"The Old English Mastiff Club Show at the Crystal Palace: Taking a Photograph Under Difficulties," 1890. Some things never change!
Handlers share their tried-and-true tips on wrangling, um, showing Molossers to best advantage in the ring.
Mastiffs rule as the AKC Museum of the Dog opens in Manhattan.
A Bullmastiff with no tail? A larger Cane Corso? A Shar-Pei on steroids? No, it's a Boerboel, and those unfamiliar with the breed have a large learning curve.
Your heart is encased in a cement block, your throat is in a vice, and your whole body feels like you are dragging the Titanic’s anchor behind you. This is what it feels like to mourn a Molosser.  
A veterinarian shares the pros and cons — but mostly pros — of naturally reared and raw-fed Molossers.
With apologies to the Bard, how do Molosser owners suffer the slings and goobers of outrageous slobber?
What you need to know before your Molosser undergoes anesthesia.
An interview with Bas Bosch  of Belgium, well-respected Molosser judge and publisher. */
From monitoring fetal heart rates to checking contractions, the WhelpWise service delivers peace of mind for Molosser breeds.