More Molossers

Adalena Serra do Barbanza, a Spanish import owned by Crystal Kaiser.
The Pyrenean Mastiff is headed for AKC’s Miscellaneous class in June 2024.

Neapolitan Mastiff fanciers would easily spot their breed's influence in this Dogue de Bordeaux.
It’s a natural tendency to immerse ourselves in our chosen breed, to the exclusion of all others. But it's important to know what influences from other breeds can bedevil our own.
To understand rustic Molossers, look to this cigarette-smoking icon.
Actually, Bulldog influence is not always something to celebrate in Molossers.
Never Ebeneezer Scrooge or Oliver Twist. The cast of characters we're focused on are the many real-life dogs owned by famous author Charles Dickens.

Cerberus sculpted in sand at the 2009 International Festival of Sand Sculptures, in Lido di Jesolo, Italy.
Was Cerberus, the three-headed devil dog of Greek myth, a Molosser? Maybe even a Cane Corso or a Neo?
A Tosa Inu aficionado goes in search of a new puppy.