In the hands of the most skilled dog men and women, breeding is nothing less than painting with genetics. The great breeder is a deft artist, combining deep technical skill with an “eye” – hard to define, easy to recognize.   Adele Pfenninger of the well-known Tailwynde kennel spent 32 years...

When it comes to breed type, more is not always more.
Bullmastiff judge and expert Billy Brittle shares his concern about overdone dogs — and the departure from breed type that they represent.
An authoritative piece on Bullmastiff type by breeder-judge Helene Nietsch.
Paging Gregor Mendel ... An easy-to-decipher explanation of the genetics of the brindle pattern in the Bullmastiff.
Pam McClintock looks back at the Night Dog, and compares him to today's modern Bullmastiff.
Nine Bullmastiff breeder-judges from around the world share their impressions of the breed.
Second-generation breeder Pat O'Brien discusses this quintessentially British breed.
Bullmastiff veteran Carol Beans shares her stories of success and heartache in the whelping box. 
The life of a Molosser judge in the 1970s and '80s was so much easier. Breeds like the Bullmastiff and Mastiff were well established, in the U.K. and U.S. at least, and the Dogue de Bordeaux and Neapolitan Mastiff were ready to take on the world. The best dogs were very typey specimens of their...
How do you keep a Bullmastiff's protective instinct under control? Mona Lindau-Webb offers a blueprint for a well-behaved Bullie.