Nine Bullmastiff breeder-judges from around the world share their impressions of the breed.
Second-generation breeder Pat O'Brien discusses this quintessentially British breed.
The life of a Molosser judge in the 1970s and '80s was so much easier. Breeds like the Bullmastiff and Mastiff were well established, in the U.K. and U.S. at least, and the Dogue de Bordeaux and Neapolitan Mastiff were ready to take on the world. The best dogs were very typey specimens of their...
How do you keep a Bullmastiff's protective instinct under control? Mona Lindau-Webb offers a blueprint for a well-behaved Bullie. 

A correct and ideal slightly undershot Bullmastiff bite.
A long-time breeder and judge discusses what's acceptable -- and not -- when evaluating a Bullmastiff's bite.
Bullmastiff and Dogue puppies — equally cute!
Bullmastiff and Dogue puppies — equally cute! Dogue photo by Sanna Sander.
At first glance, the Bullmastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux might seem very similar. Which makes their many differences all the more important.
America's most famous -- and richest -- family also bred some of the first Bullmastiffs in the United States.

Two Bullmastiffs lived at Colonial Williamsburg in the early 1940s, presumably guarding the restored colonial village. Did they patrol its perimeter as their brethren did farther north for the Rockefeller family?
In the 1940s, two Rockefeller-bred Bullmastiffs arrived at this colonial town as a canine anachronisms.
Did the Rockefeller family and early Bullmastiff breeder John Cross ever cross paths? Not likely.

The 1948 Associated Press story that created some confusion about which Pocantico was which.
John D. Rockefeller registered his Bullmastiffs under the Pocantico prefix – a very logical choice, since it was the name of the estate on which they were bred.   But by the late 1940s, another Bullmastiff breeder had taken on that name – and didn’t do much to dispel the Rockefeller mystique...