Actually, Bulldog influence is not always something to celebrate in Molossers.
America's most famous — and richest — family also bred some of the first Bullmastiffs in the United States.

Bullmastiffs with very foreshortened muzzles, such as this puppy, are not in keeping with the standard.
In the face of bans against breeding snub-nosed dogs, Helene Nietsch reminds that the Bullmastiff is not a brachycephalic breed.

Boerboel registrations were on the upswing in 2018, along with many other Molosser breeds.
On the American Kennel Club's newly released list of its most popular breeds for 2018, most Molossers either maintained their rankings, or in some cases even moved up.

Farcroft Fidelity, bred by S.E. Moseley, was the breed's first CC winner in the United Kingdom.
How a British dog dealer named S.E. Moseley created the modern Bullmastiff — or took credit for it, at least.

Bull Mastiff Ch. Athos, owned by a Miss Lane, likely 1930s.
Almost a century ago, when the Kennel Club in the United Kingdom changed the name of the Bull-Mastiff to the Bullmastiff, it was no trivial technicality.
The Bullmastiff was designed to be a stealthy nighttime guardian.

No one wants a Bullmastiff who trashes the house, or your serenity. Here's how to raise one.
No one wants  Bullmastiff who trashes the house, or your serenity. Here's how to raise one.
Adele Pfenninger was once known for her winning Bullmastiffs. Now her paintings depicting them are sought after by art-minded fanciers.

When it comes to breed type, more is not always more.
Bullmastiff judge and expert Billy Brittle shares his concern about overdone dogs — and the departure from breed type that they represent.