Alan Rostron of Graecia Bullmastiffs in the United Kingdom explains how a Bullmastiff that is built correctly will be a Bullmastiff that moves correctly.
In this wide-ranging discussion, British Bullmastiff experts Billy Brittle and Grant Slater discuss everything from what to look for in a puppy to what countries are producing the best Bullies. 
What's the best bite for a Bullmastiff? Level? Undershot? Our experts, Billy Brittle and Grant Slater of the United Kingdom, ponder the dentition question.
A true confession from a long-time Bullmastiff fancier: I brought home a -- gasp! -- Deerhound.
Astrox the Bullmastiff stars in a historical re-enactment: A Victorian-era gamekeeper's dog encounters a very unlucky poacher.
Not to be bested: Breeder-judge Helene Nietsch presents a visual gallery of AKC Best in Show Bullmastiffs. */
When it comes to classic pairings, there’s love and marriage …  peanut butter and jelly … salt and pepper.   Dare we add … Bullmastiffs and Frenchies?