Farcroft Fidelity, bred by S.E. Moseley, was the breed's first CC winner in the United Kingdom.
How a British dog dealer named S.E. Moseley created the modern Bullmastiff -- or took credit for it, at least.

Bull Mastiff Ch. Athos, owned by a Miss Lane, likely 1930s.
A hyphen is just a little dash – except when it’s not.   Almost a century ago, when the Kennel Club in the United Kingdom changed the name of the Bull-Mastiff to the Bullmastiff, it was no trivial technicality: It signified that the Bullmastiff had finally shaken off its traditional...
From raw scraped beef to milk pudding, some vintage advice for rearing Mastiff puppies.
Massimo Inzoli visits the London Museum to find Molosserdom’s Holy Grail.
Miguel Angel Sanchez remembers his Mastiff mentor, Tobin Jackson of Deer Run fame ... and infamy.
Tobin Jackson and his Mastiff kennel are gone. But the ghosts linger.
The Dogo Argentino emerged from the ashes of a native fighting dog to become a world-class hunter of big game.

The 1948 Associated Press story that created some confusion about which Pocantico was which.
The truth about the Pocantico kennel name: Despite the hype, those long-ago Bullmastiffs were not Rockefeller reared.
Anne Colliass, daughter of the late Harry and Beryl Colliass, has been an integral part of the Oldwell Kennels in the U.K. for much of her life. Here, she talks about her family legacy, setting priorities in breeding programs, and advice she'd give to those starting out in Bullmastiffs today.  
Early Bullmastiff Osmaston Turk
A splendid specimen. Osmaston Turk. Weight 120 lbs. Dam, Old Nell, half Bloodhound, half Mastiff. Owned by Mr. Biggs.
Originally appearing in 1911, this article argues the virtues of the fledgling Bull-Mastiff, even as the Mastiff was on the wane.