Guaglione is arguably the Neapolitan Mastiff who started it all ... the first Italian champion and an important catalyst in the formation of the modern breed. Meet him and his champion, Piero Scanziani.
If you were judging a ring full of Mastiffs in Heaven, which dogs would you like to see within those pearly gates?
British royals were among the first to own these exotic and ferocious Tibetan souvenirs, and when it came time to house them, zoological parks seemed as logical a place as any.
Sherlock Holmes and Dick Tracy, Quincy and Kojak: Popular culture is stuffed with images of the tireless detective, gumshoeing his way into danger and intrigue.   But those fictional sleuths have nothing over the world’s first real private detective, Allan Pinkerton.  
Over the centuries, reports of crossbreeding have been rampant in the Mastiff. But here is one case with an actual paper trail.

In the 1830s, Cartache charmed a Portuguese king and sailed with the British navy. He and the pony Jem Crowe were immortalized in this oil painting by George Cole, an English painter known for his landscapes and animal portraits.
In the 1830s, this proto-Dogo Canario charmed a Portuguese king, sailed with the British navy and was immortalized in paint.
Astrox the Bullmastiff stars in a historical re-enactment: A Victorian-era gamekeeper's dog encounters a very unlucky poacher.
One size doesn't fit all: Richard Eichhorn makes the case against pigeonholing the Tibetan Mastiff.