An unsatisfying ending to a controversial Mastiff crossbreeding project.
We interview Jennifer Willshire of Gammonwood Mastiffs, who rocked the Mastiff world recently by unveiling a backcross breeding that crossed a Mastiff bitch to a Greyhound to produce a litter of “Greydogges.” Let the controversy commence.
Two female Fila Brasileiros playing
For decades, critics contend, the Fila Brasileiro has been crossed with Great Danes and Neapolitan Mastiffs, in effect ruining the breed.
American Mastiff puppy
American Mastiff puppy, six months old.
American Mastiffs are a controversial subject in Mastiff circles, in part because they are marketed to prospective owners as “Mastiff Lite” – no drooling and fewer health issues, though their critics say neither is true. 
Over the centuries, reports of crossbreeding have been rampant in the Mastiff. But here is one case with an actual paper trail.
These weren’t just Mastiff mixes. They were the key to conquering blindness in the Mastiff breed.