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American Mastiff puppy
American Mastiff puppy, six months old.

Molosser Moment #17

The 'American Mastiff' debuts

American Mastiffs are a controversial subject in Mastiff circles, in part because they are marketed to prospective owners as “Mastiff Lite” – no drooling and fewer health issues, though their critics say neither is true. Much of the anger comes from use of the word “Mastiff” in the name, which confuses the two breeds, especially among the general public. In the early 2000s, the Mastiff Club of America contemplated changing the Mastiff’s name to the English Mastiff, in order to set it apart from the American Mastiff as well as other, more commonly recognized breeds, such as the Dogue de Bordeaux (the French mastiff) or the Cane Corso (the Italian mastiff). But in the end, Mastiff it remained. American Mastiffs result from the Mastiff crossed to the Anatolian Shepherd, a breed whose sharp protection instinct, natural intolerance of strangers, and still somewhat primitive nature are not necessarily compatible with the more laid-back Mastiff temperament.  


Mastiff (Photo: Mary Bloom)



Anatolian shepherd dreamstime Anatolian Shepherd



American Mastiff dreamstime American Mastiff                












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