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Whether you’ve owned Molossers for forever, just got your first puppy, or admire these breeds from afar, here are 10 things every Molosser lover should know:
At first glance, the two stories — each bookending a tale of boom and bust — both seem too farfetched to be true.
A meeting called by the Società Amatori Cane Corso in Benevento, Italy, was a chance for me to fulfill a dream of mine – to see and photograph the Molossers depicted in the famous fountain at the nearby royal palace of Caserta.
In the early years of the Neapolitan Mastiff, breeding was a natural inclination, a gift of nature at times, without following bloodlines or pedigrees.
Dane or Mastino? At first glance, it's not quite clear
Dane or Mastino? At first glance, it's not quite clear
The more, the merrier … Well, except when it comes to being called a Molosser.  
Dane or Mastino? At first glance, it's not quite clear
Dane or Mastino? At first glance, it's not quite clear
America's most famous -- and richest -- family also bred some of the first Bullmastiffs in the United States.
  • Brindle Fila Brasileiro
    If Molossers had a sound track, what kind of music would it be? Hint: It's not Simon & Garfunkel!
  • A lifetime of collecting Mastiff memorabilia led Steve Oifer to set up a private "Mastiff Museum" in his New Jersey home.

  • Developed as an all-purpose farm dog, the Boerboel is strong boned and confident.
    Are black Boerboels a rare color that needs preservation, or evidence of crossbreeding? The debate about this rustic South African Molosser rages on. 
  • You may have seen photographs of Tibetan Mastiffs wearing these bright-red "necklaces." Watch our video to find out what they are, why the dogs wear them ... and why they smell so funky!

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