Massimo Inzoli

Stumped by "slightly convergent upper longitudinal axes"? Specialist judge Massimo Inzoli demystifies the skull and muzzle planes in the Cane Corso.
Massimo Inzoli visits the London Museum to find Molosserdom’s Holy Grail.
The Dogo Argentino emerged from the ashes of a native fighting dog to become a world-class hunter of big game.
The 18th-Century fountain at the royal palace of Caserta depicts a very modern-looking Cane Corso.
Breeder-judge Massimo Inzoli of Italy offers a primer on judging this striking white Molosser, seen through the prism of the FCI standard for the breed.
Cane Corso judge Massimo Inzoli critiques some heads that have strayed from correct breed type.