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Head Cases

What went wrong with these Cane Corso heads?

In this visual feature, Cane Corso judge Massimo Inzoli of Italy critiques some heads that have strayed from correct breed type. Study each head and see where you think where its features depart from the ideal described in the standard. Then read the caption below to see Inzoli's comments.


Incorrect shape of the head: too much volume and too round. Excessively protruding cheek. Round nose instead of square. Insufficient mask.


Narrow skull and muzzle. The underjaw seems to be weak and not powerful. The upper eye lid is round.


“Seems to have a lack of muzzle width (empty under the eyes) and muzzle is a bit long. But it’s difficult to say just from this view.”


“Incorrectly parallel planes of skull and muzzle. The muzzle is too long and there is a lack of chin.”


“Muzzle too short and weak, and is incorrectly round in shape. Round shape of the skull goes against type, and cheeks are too protruding. The mask is not correct, and the dog’s overall color is undefined.”


“Incorrect shape of the eyes: the upper lid is round and lower lid is too loose. Ears cropped too long.”


“From this photo, the muzzle seems long and almost parallel to the skull. Empty under the eyes.”


“Correct stop and shape of eyes. But empty under the eyes – there needs to be more fill.”



“From this point of view, the muzzle seems to be too short and with some wrinkles. The shape of the eyes is too round in the upper lids and the lower lids are too slack. The position of the eyes is also too frontal.”


“The muzzle is too narrow and long. Incorrectly round eyes contribute to the untypical expression.”






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