Helene Nietsch

An authoritative piece on Bullmastiff type by breeder-judge Helene Nietsch.

A correct and ideal slightly undershot Bullmastiff bite.
A long-time breeder and judge discusses what's acceptable -- and not -- when evaluating a Bullmastiff's bite.
Anticipating a great judging assignment for the Molosser Club of Spain, Bullmastiff expert Helene Nietsch's expectations were high for great travel, great sights and great dogs. What she was not anticipating was tragedy.  
Bullmastiff and Dogue puppies — equally cute!
Bullmastiff and Dogue puppies — equally cute! Dogue photo by Sanna Sander.
At first glance, the Bullmastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux might seem very similar. Which makes their many differences all the more important.
Not to be bested: Breeder-judge Helene Nietsch presents a visual gallery of AKC Best in Show Bullmastiffs. */