Bas Bosch

An interview with Bas Bosch  of Belgium, well-respected Molosser judge and publisher. */
Bas Bosch challenges assumptions about Mastiff size.
Columnist Bas Bosch on the most operatic of the Molossers: the Neapolitan Mastiff.
In this brilliant essay, Molosser expert Bas Bosch explains how wrinkling can be a bellwether for hypertype in the Molosser breeds.
A prominent chin is very important in a Dogue de Bordeaux
"No chin, no chance" is Belgian judge Bas Bosch's oft-repeated admonition about Dogues de Bordeaux who hope to earn a ribbon under him.
Too much of a good thing? Never! Columnist Bas Bosch contemplates a year awash with quality Dogues de Bordeaux.