Because of a quirk of biology, a litter of puppies can have more than one father. We explore these intentional "multi-sired" litters.
In this unabashed love letter to the two breeds that have captivated her over the decades – the Mastiff and, later, the Bullmastiff – Judy Nash sums up their essence with anecdotes so powerful and moving, we'd keep the Kleenex close by.
Molosser owners often encounter "breedism" when they join training classes with more "traditional" breeds. Learn what Sharron Mischefski of New Zealand did to overcome these stereotypes -- and turn her once recalcitrant Bullmastiff into a non-stop dog who's dying to work for her!

Bullmastiff from a 1952 French magazine cover, which referred to it as “the dog of the future.” But in breeding for the time and place in which they live, are breeders irrevocably changing the breed’s fundamental character?
Is today's Bullmastiff temperament too tepid? Does the Presa or Dogo Canario offer a viable alternative?
Alan Rostron of Graecia Bullmastiffs in the United Kingdom explains how a Bullmastiff that is built correctly will be a Bullmastiff that moves correctly.
In this wide-ranging discussion, British Bullmastiff experts Billy Brittle and Grant Slater discuss everything from what to look for in a puppy to what countries are producing the best Bullies. 
What's the best bite for a Bullmastiff? Level? Undershot? Our experts, Billy Brittle and Grant Slater of the United Kingdom, ponder the dentition question.
A true confession from a long-time Bullmastiff fancier: I brought home a -- gasp! -- Deerhound.
Astrox the Bullmastiff stars in a historical re-enactment: A Victorian-era gamekeeper's dog encounters a very unlucky poacher.
Not to be bested: Breeder-judge Helene Nietsch presents a visual gallery of AKC Best in Show Bullmastiffs. */