Bullmastiffs with very foreshortened muzzles, such as this puppy, are not in keeping with the standard.
In the face of bans against breeding snub-nosed dogs, Helene Nietsch reminds that the Bullmastiff is not a brachycephalic breed.
Many Molossers, including Mastiffs, have difficulty maintaining pregnancy. Low progesterone may be the culprit.
“They told us in vet school, ‘Never let the sun set on a pyo,’” the young veterinarian said.  
Bullmastiff veteran Carol Beans shares her stories of success and heartache in the whelping box. 

A recent female from the kennel, Von Hof's Gucci Girl.
American breeder Dennis Von Hof shares three decades of advice on the French mastiff.

Photo by Yessica Sam-Sin
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The DragonVale app, in which players raise and rear virtual serpents, has some uncanny parallels to breeding Molossers - or any purebred dog, for that matter.
Dogue puppy sleeping
Knowing how to tube-feed can be a lifesaver when you are faced with a litter of orphaned puppies.
Bullmastiff breeder and judge Helene Nietsche of Banstock Bullmastiffs gives a hands-on demonstration on what to look for in a promising Bullmastiff puppy.
In this unabashed love letter to the two breeds that have captivated her over the decades – the Mastiff and, later, the Bullmastiff – Judy Nash sums up their essence with anecdotes so powerful and moving, we'd keep the Kleenex close by.