An unsatisfying ending to a controversial Mastiff crossbreeding project.

Your eyes may see tan points, but the genetics say otherwise.
Can you have a black-and-tan pattern on a fawn or red dog?

Photo by Mary Bloom
Exploring the sometimes contradictory nature of Mastiff temperament.
Helene Nietsch reflects on the French Bullmastiff and Mastiff club's 2023 shows.

Two Greyhounds and a Mastiff, painted by Sawrey Gilpin in 1780 for their owner, the 8th Duke of Hamilton.
Dig deep, and you’ll find this unlikely Molosser ancestor.
This color is almost never discussed, but is widespread in a number of Molosser breeds, most notably the Cane Corso.
While no one truly understands how this color pattern works, here is a genetics buff’s educated guess.
Decoding the Cane Corso’s peculiar color lingo.