Rare Molossers

Just as rare as the panda bear, which comes from the same part of China, the Chongqing Dog has generated a lot of interest among fanciers who appreciate its Molosser-style head, naturally pricked ears and odd, bamboo-shaped tail.
This South American Molosser evolved in the wild of Uruguay, and has survived centuries of government-sanctioned culling. Today it's Uruguay's national dog.

Developed as an all-purpose farm dog, the Boerboel is strong boned and confident.
Are black Boerboels a rare color that needs preservation, or evidence of crossbreeding? The debate about this rustic South African Molosser rages on. 
Well-known judge and Molosser expert Rafael Malo Alcrudo tells the story of the rare Pyrenean Mastiff, which is also the story of his life and roots in this rugged corner of Spain.
The Gampr originated in the highlands of Armenia, with thousands of years of breeding resulting in a land race with a few different styles of dogs. Current efforts within Armenia to standardize the breed have focused on more Molosser-type dogs.
Danish Broholmer
If you've never heard of a Broholmer, you're not alone: Denmark's native Molosser was just recently brought back from the brink of extinction.
As this South African mastiff becomes recognized by the American Kennel Club, a primer on the fine points of the breed.