Tibetan Mastiff Bodhi and friend
Semillas de Amor ("Seeds of Love"), a privately funded orphanage in Guatemala, is home to 23 children, ranging from five to 12 years old - and three Tibetan Mastiffs whose life work is to protect, guard and comfort them.
In a candid interview, Italian breeder Vito Indiveri discusses the expression, elegance, power, agility and strong, balanced  character that define the Cane Corso.
Pier Giovanni Staderini and friends
Tuscan painter and ceramicist Pier Giovanni Staderini has a  far-ranging style, from abstract works to curvaceous studies of the female form that are as brooding as they are sensuous. The Neapolitan Mastiff occupies a special place in his heart – and on his easel. 
Longtime French breeder René Brochier follows the ups and downs of the Dogue de Bordeaux.
Robin White, a veterinarian who also breeds and owns Neapolitan Mastiffs, shares a story of jumping to conclusions. Brace yourself for a happy ending.
British royals were among the first to own these exotic and ferocious Tibetan souvenirs, and when it came time to house them, zoological parks seemed as logical a place as any.
Massimo Inzoli of Italy reflects on his 2015 World Dog Show entry.
Bloat is a life-threatening condition that needs to be treated immediately if a dog is to survive. Veterinarian and Bullmastiff breeder Sandra Statter offers advice on slowing its progression until you can get to the vet.
Sherlock Holmes and Dick Tracy, Quincy and Kojak: Popular culture is stuffed with images of the tireless detective, gumshoeing his way into danger and intrigue.   But those fictional sleuths have nothing over the world’s first real private detective, Allan Pinkerton.  
Chelsea Conway talks about the challenges of breeding this unique Molosser, and the roadblocks and heartaches that made her contemplate walking away. But all it takes is a promising puppy to fan the flames of hope ...