This brindle bitch has a correctly sized and placed ear, which contributes to her very typey head. Photo: Denise Flaim
Ears are the finishing touch on a Mastiff head, and depending on their size, they can denote fierceness, sweetness and everything in between.

The Fila Brasileiro, a breed that Teixeira enjoys judging -- and discussing.
There are only a handful of all-round judges worldwide whose opinions Molosser fanciers apprise with as much interest and respect as they do their own breed specialists. And on that very short list is Luis Pinto Teixeira of Lisbon, Portugal.
Over the centuries, reports of crossbreeding have been rampant in the Mastiff. But here is one case with an actual paper trail.
This South American Molosser evolved in the wild of Uruguay, and has survived centuries of government-sanctioned culling. Today it's Uruguay's national dog.
Alan Rostron of Graecia Bullmastiffs in the United Kingdom explains how a Bullmastiff that is built correctly will be a Bullmastiff that moves correctly.
The Neapolitan Mastiff is under siege in the United Kingdom. Will the rest of the world follow suit?
Basir was the prototypical Cane Corso, the dog on which the modern standard was based. But his story also explains why the breed has had such difficulty with consistency and standardization.
How do you pronounce "Cane Corso"? What exactly is a "giogaia"? Our guide to the most common terms used with the Neapolitan Mastiff and Cane Corso will have you "al corrente" -- up to speed -- in no time!
White Tibetan Mastiff
We plumb the debate over this unusual color of Tibetan Mastiff.
A lifetime of collecting Mastiff memorabilia led Steve Oifer to set up a private "Mastiff Museum" in his New Jersey home.