An excerpt from the definitive book on the breed by its definitive authority, Raymond Triquet.
The "zaccaro" is a style of Neapolitan Mastiff that distills the essence of the breed, with great bone and mass. But many do not know it was also the name of a breeder from Naples who bred this distinctive type.
Twenty years ago, hardly anyone in Estonia knew anything about Tibetan Mastiffs. But todaty, this tiny Baltic country is an epicenter of Tibetan Mastiff breeding.  
Part two of our pronunciation guide for Italian words used in the Neapolitan Mastiff and Cane Corso standards, from "canna nasale" to "zigomi." 
Our light-hearted tour of a Dogue de Bordeaux lover's noggin is full of pop-culture and breed references. 
If you don't know this dog from the 1980s, we think you should. Some of the world's most respected Molosser experts call him one of the greatest Mastiffs ever. But can there be too much of a good thing? 
These weren’t just Mastiff mixes. They were the key to conquering blindness in the Mastiff breed.
Annie Wildmoser and her Cane Corsos are definitely a minority in the sport of protection work, which is dominated by men and Malinois. She shares what it's like to battle the stereotypes. 
In this wide-ranging discussion, British Bullmastiff experts Billy Brittle and Grant Slater discuss everything from what to look for in a puppy to what countries are producing the best Bullies. 

Developed as an all-purpose farm dog, the Boerboel is strong boned and confident.
Are black Boerboels a rare color that needs preservation, or evidence of crossbreeding? The debate about this rustic South African Molosser rages on.