The proper Mastiff is a great lump of a challenge, with a temperament that combines gentle spirit with equal parts hard headedness and willfulness.
A true confession from a long-time Bullmastiff fancier: I brought home a -- gasp! -- Deerhound.
You may have seen photographs of Tibetan Mastiffs wearing these bright-red "necklaces." Watch our video to find out what they are, why the dogs wear them ... and why they smell so funky!

In the 1830s, Cartache charmed a Portuguese king and sailed with the British navy. He and the pony Jem Crowe were immortalized in this oil painting by George Cole, an English painter known for his landscapes and animal portraits.
In the 1830s, this proto-Dogo Canario charmed a Portuguese king, sailed with the British navy and was immortalized in paint.
Astrox the Bullmastiff stars in a historical re-enactment: A Victorian-era gamekeeper's dog encounters a very unlucky poacher.
Danish Broholmer
If you've never heard of a Broholmer, you're not alone: Denmark's native Molosser was just recently brought back from the brink of extinction.
Modern Molosser queries some specialists and breeders from around the world.
As this South African mastiff becomes recognized by the American Kennel Club, a primer on the fine points of the breed.

Photo by Nina Södergren
Proposed changes to the AKC Tibetan Mastiff standard prompt impassioned debate.
Mark and Cindy McElderry are the first American breeder-judges of the Dogue de Bordeaux. Let's meet them.