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Meet "Gunner," the Mastiff star of this 1993 family-movie classic.
The 1989 film starring Tom Hanks introduced the Dogue to the American public.

The Sphinx-like down tells you this Mastino actor was more interested in something off stage.
Fang, the dog owned by Hagrid in the Harry Potter books, was played by various Neapolitan Mastiffs in the movie adaptations.
Our light-hearted tour of a Dogue de Bordeaux lover's noggin is full of pop-culture and breed references. 
Diehard Harry Potter fans can rattle off every particular of J.K. Rowling’s phantasmagorical saga of wizardry and adolescent angst — including the fact that Hogwarts gameskeeper Rubeus Hagrid’s beloved dog Fang was played on the big screen by a series of Neapolitan Mastiffs.