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Molosser Magazin, published in both German and English, was required reading in the 1980s.

Molosser Moment #13

Molosser Magazin blazes a trail

No, not our Molosser magazine, though we like to think we are continuing in the spirit of this internationally celebrated quarterly, which started in 1981 and published for much of that decade. The brainchild of Christofer Habig, today an immensely well-respected judge and former vice president of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, Molosser Magazin was published in both English and German. But no matter what language he employed, Habig was an impassioned and oftentimes provocative advocate of the Molosser breeds, arguing against anything that diluted their integrity. (His railing against crossbreeding in the Fila Brasileiro is still evoked reverently by purists in that breed.)  

Above all, Molosser Magazin was about communication, and, in a time before Facebook and  Twitter,  it was an irreplaceable educational tool for Molosser lovers the world over. “There are, indeed, many roads to Heaven – it doesn’t matter which one you choose, but at least get started!” Habig exhorted in an essay in 1986. “Look for qualified teachers in Molossers and train your eye!”  


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