Because of a quirk of biology, a litter of puppies can have more than one father. We explore these intentional "multi-sired" litters.
In this unabashed love letter to the two breeds that have captivated her over the decades – the Mastiff and, later, the Bullmastiff – Judy Nash sums up their essence with anecdotes so powerful and moving, we'd keep the Kleenex close by.
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Sherlock Holmes and Dick Tracy, Quincy and Kojak: Popular culture is stuffed with images of the tireless detective, gumshoeing his way into danger and intrigue.   But those fictional sleuths have nothing over the world’s first real private detective, Allan Pinkerton.  

This brindle bitch has a correctly sized and placed ear, which contributes to her very typey head. Photo: Denise Flaim
Ears are the finishing touch on a Mastiff head, and depending on their size, they can denote fierceness, sweetness and everything in between.
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