Mastiff in plaster, sculpted by Bolté more than 40 years ago.
Damara Bolté immortalized Mastiffs on her lead, and in her art.
Modern Molosser asked six Mastiff breeders from around the world for their opinions on the state of the breed today. Here are their responses. */
A 19th-Century account of the Mastiff captures a new English breed just as its roots are set in American soil.

Betty Baxter at Farnaby in 1975.
Janine Morffew interviews the long-time Mastiff breeder-judge and author. */
A point-by-point visual guide to the AKC Mastiff standard. */ */
From raw scraped beef to milk pudding, some vintage advice for rearing Mastiff puppies.
Bas Bosch challenges assumptions about Mastiff size.
In this brilliant essay, Molosser expert Bas Bosch explains how wrinkling can be a bellwether for hypertype in the Molosser breeds.

Deer Run Arbaco, a dog found in the pedigrees of many American-bred Presas.
Did Tobin Jackson of Deer Run Mastiff fame "create" the American Presa Canario?
The kennels of Lyme Hall in the 1890s.
The kennels of Lyme Hall in the 1890s.
The history of the world's oldest Mastiff kennel is as murky as it is enduring