Miguel Angel Sanchez remembers his Mastiff mentor, Tobin Jackson of Deer Run fame ... and infamy.
Tobin Jackson and his Mastiff kennel are gone. But the ghosts linger.
From spiked iron to finely etched silver, collars throughout the ages tell the story of the Mastiff's evolution.
We interview Jennifer Willshire of Gammonwood Mastiffs, who rocked the Mastiff world recently by unveiling a backcross breeding that crossed a Mastiff bitch to a Greyhound to produce a litter of “Greydogges.” Let the controversy commence.
In this poem from three centuries ago, a Mastiff becomes the unwitting focus of an argument between a wife and her jealous husband.
No matter what you call them – “fluffies,” “hairies” or “rough coats” – long-haired Mastiffs are instant conversation sparkers for those who have never seen one.  
Dr. William R. Newman of Bedford, Pennsylvania, doesn’t have much white space left on his resume.
If you ever doubted that brindle was a camouflaging pattern - inside and out - check out these Mastiff and Cane Corso photos!
Jack the Mastiff at his "Snoring Grounds"
In 1899, this Mastiff from Maine became an official military mascot during the Spanish-American War, ranking him among the first documented war dogs in American history.
"Lawing," or the amputation of a mastiff's toes, was as much about masculine insecurity as it was about protecting hunting preserves.