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Proof of her breed's athleticism, this Dogue de Bordeaux tries her paw at the fast-paced Sighthound sport of lure coursing.

Workin' It

In lure coursing, what Dogues don’t have in the grace of a Sighthound they make up for in focus.

Cane Corso puppy frolicking
Docility, sociability, temperament, curiosity, watchfulness and fiber are among the traits that comprise Cane Corso temperament.

Temperamental Journey

If we lose the temperament, argues Cane Corso fancier Michael Ertaskiran, we lose the breed. 

China Syndrome

Christofer Habig outlines a plan to split the Tibetan Mastiff into two breeds: a true long-haired mastiff called the Zang Ao and the more moderate Do Khyi.

A head study of Ch. Snowy Mountain Chakotay at Iron Hills. Note the beautiful nose and lip pigment, as well as the absence of eye-rim pigment. While very desirable, pigmented eye rims are not a requirement of any Dogo standard.

Spot On

Dogo breeders strive to accomplish what Mother Nature has created in the polar bear — a black-skinned animal with a full white coat.

A prominent chin is very important in a Dogue de Bordeaux

Chin Is In

"No chin, no chance" is Belgian judge Bas Bosch's oft-repeated admonition about Dogues de Bordeaux who hope to earn a ribbon under him.

Two Bullmastiffs lived at Colonial Williamsburg in the early 1940s, presumably guarding the restored colonial village. Did they patrol its perimeter as their brethren did farther north for the Rockefeller family?

Down Virginia Way

In the 1940s, two Rockefeller-bred Bullmastiffs arrived at this colonial town as a canine anachronisms.