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Got Ink?

Move over, Popeye. Here are the winners of our hotly contested Molosser tattoo competition!
When Modern Molosser sent out a call for our “Got Ink?” contest, we were inundated with a dazzling array of body art. Dogue de Bordeaux and Mastiff tattoos seemed to predominate, but no matter the breed, what shone through in all was a deep-seated love for these big, beautiful, boundless dogs.
How to pick just one winner? We couldn’t, so in the end, we decided not to. (Hey, we own the magazine – if we can’t add to the prizes, who can?) So we are awarding the grand prize – a free subscription or free color ad, their choice – in triplicate, to the trio of submissions pictured here. We’ve also included some of the other entries that deserve an honorable mention.
If this gallery inspires you to head for the tattoo parlor, make sure you know the artist’s style beforehand, and are comfortable with his or her work. 
“Don’t be afraid to travel to get the right artist,” reminds MM subscriber and tattoo artist Derek Dufresne of Fleshworks Tattoo Studio in Victoria, British Columbia, whose tattoo for his wife Beth of Big River Mastiffs is one of our winners. “This will be on you for life.”
And if the tattooist gets anything right, it has to be the expression. “The gleam in the eyes ...” muses Derek. “If you don’t nail that, it could be any dog.”
Beth Thompson
Big River Mastiffs
Victoria, British Columbia
Submitted by Derek Dufresne
Tattoo by Derek Dufresne, Fleshworks Tattoo Studio
“The tattoo is on my beautiful wife, on the back of her calf. Mack is her big droolly baby. She loves him like he was her child!  He is our first Canadian champion Mastiff. He is her protector and confidant.”
Vincent Manganiello
Manganiello Cane Corso
Montville, New Jersey
Tattoo by Scotty “Flyin Ace” Lowe, Shotsie’s 
Tattoo in Wayne, New Jersey
“My tattoo is a Roman guard scene, because the Cane Corso was an ancient guard dog. The dog with the big head is Maximus, and on the other side is my champion female, Cappuccino. I am still getting work done to it – I have about 28 to 32 hours on it and still going ... Who has a crazier tattoo than that?”
Maynard Mashaw
Gouverneur, New York
Tattoo by Todd Jenne, Phoenix Rising Tattoos, 
Philadelphia, New York
Hogan was bred by Bonnie Gordon at Bighouse Bordeaux. He was my first DDB, and he is the reason I am in love with the breed today. I own one Bullmastiff and four Dogues, but Hogan is my right-hand man. He goes hiking and fishing with me ... sometimes he even goes to work with me. His expression shows intelligence and tranquility ... a very noble dog I am proud to call my sidekick.”

Honorable Mentions

Cale Anderson
Bodacious Bordeaux
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
“This is a portrait of our beloved boy Pryce. Pryce passed away on August 1, 2009, of a massive throat infection. I had this portrait done in his memory. The artist actually used his ashes in the ink. Pryce was my pride and joy and like a son to me, and this is how I expressed my feelings toward him. This tattoo is placed on the right side of my chest, closest to my heart.”
Glenn Hall
Old Manila Bullmastiffs
Siljan, Norway
Submitted by Hilde Kjeldby
“My husband Glenn and I met when he bought his first Bullmastiff from me in 1994. On a vacation in the Philippines, where we got married, he got a tattoo of this Bullmastiff, ‘Thelma.’ The artist did the tattoo freehand from a photo on the Internet. It is the same photo that is on the front cover of the BBPress book ‘The World of Bullmastiffs 2004.’”
Peggy Weber
Rancho Santa Margarita, California
“Here are the Bullmastiff tribute tattoos on my wrist. Our first Bullmastiff, named Reba was AKC registered as Wildhearts Forever Love. Our Bullmastiffs Wildhearts Will U Be Mine and his sister Wildhearts Tru Luv were born in 2003 on Valentine’s Day; the entire litter’s registered names were all derived from the little heart-shaped Valentine’s Day candies with sayings on them. We lost Taz in July, and we still have his sister Luvie with us. They were inseparable, which is why I had both their names tattooed at the same time - they were always together!”
Sue Clinton
Day Dream Acres Mastiffs
Linden, Tennessee
“This tattoo honors all the Mastiffs that have been in my life, and the unwavering love and companionship they have given me. I look at it and remember each and every one of my dogs from past and present, and my heart swells with love. I chose to use Max for my tattoo since he is the essence of what an English Mastiff should look like and what I have strived for in my breeding program. Max is still with us at 9 years old. He makes us laugh at his silly antics, and we marvel at how dignified and gorgeous he is.”
Dr. David E. Parker, DDS
Smithtown, New York
Submitted by Nicole Parker Hardesty
“My dad’s tattoo is of Southwind Orange Cty Chopper. Chopper’s personality comes through in the calm confidence of his expression. He is a majestic boy that loves and protects his family and friends.”
Kathleen Gough
Lizona Mastiffs
Strathmore, Alberta, Canada
Submitted by Lynn Storeshaw
“The Mastiffs in my tattoo are Ch. Cheadle’s Lady Fiona CGN and Ch. Lacelle’s London CGN. I feel tattoos are like Mastiffs – very different and beautiful. The two butterflies on this tattoo are for my two kids, who were there to support me all the way. I wanted people to see they have a very soft look, and I think with the butterflies and ribbons they do. They might be big dogs, but they have a very soft look in their eyes.” 
Francesco Ciribè, DVM
Dei Mastini del Goya Dogue de Bordeaux
Fermo, Italy
“This is the tattoo I have on my right arm: Red Thunder Bronson ... a great, great Dogue de Bordeaux. I always loved his head type and expression. You can see the personality of the breed in my tattoo, the strong calm. A Dogue is always ready to react, always ready to defend what he considers important, but you will never find him hysterical, never aggressive without reason. That’s what you see in Bronson’s eyes.”
Cathy DeLuca
West Hempstead, New York
 “This is my 6-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff, Preziosa di Fondoanfossi. She is the dog of my heart, and I felt that I always wanted her with me. Ink happened to be the answer.”
Carol Hyde
Huntley, Illinois
“I got this tattoo seven days after Park Ave Moxee suddenly passed away. Moxee was a beautiful Bordeaux, and she knew it! She loved to be in the ring showing off. She is the Dogue that sealed the deal for me as far as the only breed of dog I will ever own. Everyone says you only have one truly special dog in your lifetime that you will be chasing forever to get back - Moxee is that special one for me! When I am old and her tattoo has faded, I will never forget what that dog meant to me and how she ultimately changed my life forever.”
Sean Platts
Vallino Mastino
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
“These Mastini are my two females: Druda on the left and her homebred daughter Eva on the right. Druda, who passed away last year, was our first Mastino to win Best of Breed at Crufts in 2006, and Eva won Best Female there in 2009. Druda knew her job as protector, and at home she was top dog. That’s why she is placed on top in the tattoo.”



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