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Fluff Piece

No matter what you call them – “fluffies,” “hairies” or “rough coats” – long-haired Mastiffs are instant conversation sparkers for those who have never seen one.  

Tibetan Mastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux: Brothers from a different mother? Photo by Sanna Sander

Group Dynamic

What are the 20 breeds slated for the proposed AKC Molosser Group? Which breeds desperately want in -- and which ones want out? 

Talking with Ann Colliass

Anne Colliass, daughter of the late Harry and Beryl Colliass, has been an integral part of the Oldwell Kennels in the U.K. for much of her life. Here, she talks about her family legacy, setting priorities in breeding programs, and advice she'd give to those starting out in Bullmastiffs today.