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Bullmastiff and Dogue puppies — equally cute!
Bullmastiff and Dogue puppies — equally cute! Dogue photo by Sanna Sander.

Back to Basics

At first glance, the Bullmastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux might seem very similar. Which makes their many differences all the more important.

Denise Flaim watching Neos at Crufts
Your faithful publisher watching Neapolitan Mastiffs at Crufts. Photo: Sonja Smidova

Show and Tell

A newbie to Britain's biggest dog show shares her impressions of its Molossers - not to mention a Cornish pasty

Dogue de Bordeaux at Tring
Head study of Turk the Dogue de Bordeaux at Tring.

The Right Stuff

The taxidermied-dog gallery in Britain’s Natural History Museum has some surprising Molossers – including Mastiffs and Dogues – in the mix.