Dogue De Bordeaux

An excerpt from the definitive book on the breed by its definitive authority, Raymond Triquet.
Our light-hearted tour of a Dogue de Bordeaux lover's noggin is full of pop-culture and breed references. 
Correct Dogue movement. Photo by Shirag Patel
Correct Dogue movement. Photo by Shirag Patel
The Dogue de Bordeaux has a very particular gait, the result of its very front-loaded body style.
Mark and Cindy McElderry are the first American breeder-judges of the Dogue de Bordeaux. Let's meet them.
Too much of a good thing? Never! Columnist Bas Bosch contemplates a year awash with quality Dogues de Bordeaux.
The number-one cause of death in the Dogue de Bordeaux is cancer -- in particular, lymphoma. Now, researchers are fighting back.