Dogue De Bordeaux

In this brilliant essay, Molosser expert Bas Bosch explains how wrinkling can be a bellwether for hypertype in the Molosser breeds.

Photo by Yessica Sam-Sin
A seasoned Dogue de Bordeaux breeder contemplates the tricky task of puppy selection.
Hooch, an abused Dogue de Bordeaux rescued by Zach Skow, works with recovering addicts, the homeless and autistic kids.
Bullmastiff and Dogue puppies — equally cute!
Bullmastiff and Dogue puppies — equally cute! Dogue photo by Sanna Sander.
At first glance, the Bullmastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux might seem very similar. Which makes their many differences all the more important.

Proof of her breed's athleticism, this Dogue de Bordeaux tries her paw at the fast-paced Sighthound sport of lure coursing.
In lure coursing, what Dogues don’t have in the grace of a Sighthound they make up for in focus.
In 1896, Dogue de Bordeaux fancier Jean-Pierre Megnin described the state of the breed, both in the show ring and whelping box.
A prominent chin is very important in a Dogue de Bordeaux
"No chin, no chance" is Belgian judge Bas Bosch's oft-repeated admonition about Dogues de Bordeaux who hope to earn a ribbon under him.
When it comes to white markings in the Dogue de Bordeaux, there are lots of shades of gray. 
Élisabeth Coiffard
For more than four decades, Élisabeth Coiffard and husband Yves have devoted themselves to the Dogue de Bordeaux with their Seigneurie des Chartrons kennel.
Dogue puppy sleeping
Knowing how to tube-feed can be a lifesaver when you are faced with a litter of orphaned puppies.