Dogue De Bordeaux

The 1989 film starring Tom Hanks introduced the Dogue to the American public.
It is quite possible that without French schoolteacher Raymond Triquet, the Dogue de Bordeaux would not have survived the 20th Century.
Black mask Dogue
Black-nose Dogues de Borsdeaux are mistaken for Bullmastiffs, and the color may one day disappear from the breed due to lack of interest and appreciation.
Bubba the therapy Dogue
Tag along with a very special Dogue de Bordeaux as he makes the rounds at a Boston children's hospital, dispensing cheer and hope along the way.
Longtime French breeder René Brochier follows the ups and downs of the Dogue de Bordeaux.
Chelsea Conway talks about the challenges of breeding this unique Molosser, and the roadblocks and heartaches that made her contemplate walking away. But all it takes is a promising puppy to fan the flames of hope ... 
Over the centuries, reports of crossbreeding have been rampant in the Mastiff. But here is one case with an actual paper trail.
An excerpt from the definitive book on the breed by its definitive authority, Raymond Triquet.
Our light-hearted tour of a Dogue de Bordeaux lover's noggin is full of pop-culture and breed references. 
Correct Dogue movement. Photo by Shirag Patel
Correct Dogue movement. Photo by Shirag Patel
The Dogue de Bordeaux has a very particular gait, the result of its very front-loaded body style.