Cane Corso

The 18th-Century fountain at the royal palace of Caserta depicts a very modern-looking Cane Corso.
The Cane Corso is the athlete among Molossers. Here are 10 things to know about evaluating the breed.
Cane Corso puppy frolicking
Docility, sociability, temperament, curiosity, watchfulness and fiber are among the traits that comprise Cane Corso temperament.
If we lose the temperament, argues Cane Corso fancier Michael Ertaskiran, we lose the breed. 
Nicola Mille discusses the correct coat for the Cane Corso -- length, texture and color.
We ask accomplished fanciers to sit down with "their" AKC standard and "take note" about where they think judges and breeders often go astray. Breeder-judge Shauna DeMoss shares her thoughts on the AKC Cane Corso standard. 
Cane Corso judge Massimo Inzoli critiques some heads that have strayed from correct breed type.
A three-dimension guide to the angles and planes that comprise a good head in the Cane Corso.
Founding American Cane Corso litter
Future Champion Rocco and his littermates. Rocco would go on to be one of the foundation dogs of the American selection. Photo: M. Sottile
Over the years, there has been much conjecture surrounding the first litters of Cane Corsos imported from Sicily by Michael Sottile Sr. in the late 1980s.

Having clear, consistent boundaries creates well-adjusted dogs.
Navigating fear periods in young dogs, as well as a Molosser's inherent aloofness, can be challenges for owners. Obedience training is the answer.
In recent years, black has become the most desirable color in the Cane Corso, spurred by everything from pet- buyer preferences to ear-cropping bans.