Cane Corso

Fulvo? Formentino? Frumentino? Don't know what to call this color? Read on.
If you are a Cane Corso enthusiast, you need to get a grip on this trio of F words.

Neapolitan Mastiff fanciers would easily spot their breed's influence in this Dogue de Bordeaux.
It’s a natural tendency to immerse ourselves in our chosen breed, to the exclusion of all others. But it's important to know what influences from other breeds can bedevil our own.
To understand rustic Molossers like the Dogo Argentino and Cane Corso, look to this cigarette-smoking icon.
Actually, Bulldog influence is not always something to celebrate in Molossers.
There is nothing fragile about a Cane Corso. Except, maybe, for type.

Cerberus sculpted in sand at the 2009 International Festival of Sand Sculptures, in Lido di Jesolo, Italy.
Was Cerberus, the three-headed devil dog of Greek myth, a Molosser? Maybe even a Cane Corso or a Neo?