New Stories

Wild Thing

This South American Molosser evolved in the wild of Uruguay, and has survived centuries of government-sanctioned culling. Today it's Uruguay's national dog.

Moving On

Alan Rostron of Graecia Bullmastiffs in the United Kingdom explains how a Bullmastiff that is built correctly will be a Bullmastiff that moves correctly.

Lessons From Basir

Basir was the prototypical Cane Corso, the dog on which the modern standard was based. But his story also explains why the breed has had such difficulty with consistency and standardization.

"Z" Is For "Zaccaro"

The "zaccaro" is a style of Neapolitan Mastiff that distills the essence of the breed, with great bone and mass. But many do not know it was also the name of a breeder from Naples who bred this distinctive type.