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Molosser Moment #1

Thorneywood Terror prevails

Bullmastiffs evolved from the Gamekeeper’s Night Dog, the most famous of which was Thorneywood Terror. In the early 1900s, Terror’s owner and breeder, W. Burton of Nottingham, traveled Great Britain, daring any and all comers to attempt to stand up – literally – against the highly trained dog. The human challenger was given a long head start, but once the muzzled Terror was loosed from his steel cage, no man could keep on his feet against the blur of brindle, who weighed only about 90 pounds.  

“It should fear no man or group of men, no matter how sinister their intention,” wrote Burton about his ideal Night Dog. “... Once engaged with its tormentor it should grip like a vice and fight like a lion and never relinquish its hold of its own accord, even if it comes to serious mischief and takes its death. In my charge he should be obedient and faithful. In my home or in his kennel he should be quiet and good tempered. There is no better or hardier dog than a good nightdog.”  




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