New Stories

The Nouveau Neo

Guaglione is arguably the Neapolitan Mastiff who started it all ... the first Italian champion and an important catalyst in the formation of the modern breed. Meet him and his champion, Piero Scanziani.

Off Track

Barely three years after its formal acceptance into the American Kennel Club, the Cane Corso is in crisis.  

Work It

Molosser owners often encounter "breedism" when they join training classes with more "traditional" breeds. Learn what Sharron Mischefski of New Zealand did to overcome these stereotypes -- and turn her once recalcitrant Bullmastiff into a non-stop dog who's dying to work for her!

Bullmastiff from a 1952 French magazine cover, which referred to it as “the dog of the future.” But in breeding for the time and place in which they live, are breeders irrevocably changing the breed’s fundamental character?

A Delicate Balance

Is today's Bullmastiff temperament too tepid? Does the Presa or Dogo Canario offer a viable alternative?

Tibetan Mastiff Bodhi and friend

Gentle Guardians

Semillas de Amor ("Seeds of Love"), a privately funded orphanage in Guatemala, is home to 23 children, ranging from five to 12 years old - and three Tibetan Mastiffs whose life work is to protect, guard and comfort them.