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 Morocho the Dogo Argentino saved two girls from a puma
Morocho the Dogo Argentino saved two girls from the jaws of a puma (below.)

Molosser Moment #6

Morocho the Dogo Argentino fends off a puma

Everyone loves a happy ending. And that’s what Morocho the Dogo Argentino provided in 2008, when he saved two young girls from a grisly end.   

Morocho lived at the La Cocha kennel owned by Dr. Ulises D’Andrea Nores, grandson of this native Argentinian breed’s creator, Antonio Nores Martines. One day, the kennel foreman’s two daughters walked to a nearby fig tree, and the oldest, Yoli, started to climb into the higher branches where the sweetest fruit awaited. Instead, she encountered a 180-plus-pound puma, and, startled, she slipped and fell to the ground. The girls ran screaming to their father, Tomas Bracamonte, who returned to the tree to find that 90-pound Morocho had the big cat by the throat. Bracamonte finished the job, and news spread of Morocho the puma-thwarting hero. 



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