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A lifetime of collecting Mastiff memorabilia led Steve Oifer to set up a private "Mastiff Museum" in his New Jersey home.

Developed as an all-purpose farm dog, the Boerboel is strong boned and confident.
Are black Boerboels a rare color that needs preservation, or evidence of crossbreeding? The debate about this rustic South African Molosser rages on. 

Carnera della Grotta Azzurra, moving at a pace.
Lions and tigers and bears ... They all pace, a gait in which the legs on one side of the body move in unison. The pace is permitted in only a handful of dog breeds, including the Neapolitan Mastiff. 
The proper Mastiff is a great lump of a challenge, with a temperament that combines gentle spirit with equal parts hard headedness and willfulness.
You may have seen photographs of Tibetan Mastiffs wearing these bright-red "necklaces." Watch our video to find out what they are, why the dogs wear them ... and why they smell so funky!

In the 1830s, Cartache charmed a Portuguese king and sailed with the British navy. He and the pony Jem Crowe were immortalized in this oil painting by George Cole, an English painter known for his landscapes and animal portraits.
In the 1830s, this proto-Dogo Canario charmed a Portuguese king, sailed with the British navy and was immortalized in paint.