Dogo Argentino

Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, right, in 1948.
Read his own words about Argentina's "perro de presa."
Actually, Bulldog influence is not always something to celebrate in Molossers.
Some musings on the American Kennel Club's impending culture clash with the Dogo Argentino.
Dogo breeder and hunter Kassi McLaughlin describes the ideal — and often misunderstood — Dogo Argentino temperament
Working Dogo Argentinos often wear the physical badges of their boar-hunting excursions. 
The docking of tails and cropping of ears are all but extinct in certain parts of Europe. Are U.S. breeders feeling the pinch?
Dr. Raul Zeballos, a fancier of 60 years, lauds the "King of the Pampas" ... and tells how he acquired his Dogo Argentinos, the first in North America, from the creator of the breed.
The Dogo Argentino emerged from the ashes of a native fighting dog to become a world-class hunter of big game.

A head study of Ch. Snowy Mountain Chakotay at Iron Hills. Note the beautiful nose and lip pigment, as well as the absence of eye-rim pigment. While very desirable, pigmented eye rims are not a requirement of any Dogo standard.
Dogo breeders strive to accomplish what Mother Nature has created in the polar bear — a black-skinned animal with a full white coat.