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How to Speak Mastino

Part 2 of our guide to important Italian terms in the Neo and Corso standards

There is nothing like reading a standard in its original language to gain a deeper understanding of the breed. But the Neapolitan Mastiff standard, as well as that of the Cane Corso, can be particularly difficult to follow, and not just because it is written in Italian: Both documents use very technical – and at times intimidating! –terms to describe the facets and planes of the head, which is such an important aspect of type in both breeds.  

Continuing our “Rosetta Stone” article from our last issue, here we focus on some of the terms relating to conformation of the head that you will find in the standards approved by the Italian Kennel Club, or ENCI (Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana).

(Scroll down for audio pronunciations of each head feature.)


  NEO Head terms1








 NEO Head Terms2




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