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Talking Bullmastiffs

An informed and informative discussion about this peerless British breed


British Bullmastiff breeder-judges Billy Brittle and Grant Slater
Recently, Modern Molosser had the chance to catch up with two of our favorite Bullmastiff Brits  – Billy Brittle (above, at left) and Grant Slater (right). Brittle, known around the world for his involvement in the Colliass family’s famed Oldwell Kennel, judged that big show himself in 2010, and is a popular breed judge around the globe. Slater, who also breeds Frenchies and Bulldogs under his Chalfs prefix, is also a breeder-judge who has adjudicated on multiple continents around the world. We caught up with them to talk about their favorite subject – Bullmastiffs.



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