Photo by Yessica Sam-Sin
A seasoned Dogue de Bordeaux breeder contemplates the tricky task of puppy selection.
In this excerpt from his book, Don Messerschmidt navigates the challenging Himalayan terrain ... not to mention the occasional guerilla fighter -- to meet a group of legendary Tibetan Mastiffs.
Through her evocative photographs, Lorene Cantarella captures the essence of the Neapolitan Mastiff.
From spiked iron to finely etched silver, collars throughout the ages tell the story of the Mastiff's evolution.

A correct and ideal slightly undershot Bullmastiff bite.
A long-time breeder and judge discusses what's acceptable -- and not -- when evaluating a Bullmastiff's bite.
They swell, they swing, they sway – they’re those high-maintenance hygromas, bulging fluid-filled sacs that arise on pressure points, particularly elbows.
The kennels of Lyme Hall in the 1890s.
The kennels of Lyme Hall in the 1890s.
Lyme Hall Mastiffs, the breed’s oldest, documented bloodline, is most famous for the romantic tale about its beginning.
The Dogo Argentino emerged from the ashes of a native fighting dog to become a world-class hunter of big game.

Martha, the world's ugliest dog, gets her shake on at the beach. All photos courtesy Shirley Zindler.
Martha the Neapolitan Mastiff was crowned the world's ugliest dog in 2017. But she's really just your average Neo.
Goobers aren't just for movie theaters: Here's how to deal with the high saliva quotient that comes with living with most Molossers.