"It is impossible to describe in words what the Cane Corso Italiano is. Someone who has never had one could never comprehend the completeness of these dogs. They unite the ferocity of the Molosser with the agility of the panther. They stay at a man's side with their proud and resolute character, aware of being equipped with an explosive strength, but capable too of an incredible sweetness and delicateness. Singular and incomparable, he is the true pride of the Italian fancy."

Nicola Mille of Italy's Dell'Antico Cerberus Kennel is one of many breeders sharing thoughts about the state of the breed.

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"It's true that the breed is and will always remain Italian. But the history of dogs is full of breeds that, though they were safeguarded by one country, were better bred abroad. Traveling around the world, I have noted with disappointment that today, many avid fanciers do not look only to Italy to import Cane Corsos, but also to some emerging nations.

The popularity of the breed has exploded all over the world. For we Italians, the most unfortunate thing would be in the upcoming years not to be the nation of reference for the breed."

Specialist judge Massimo Inzoli shares judging the Cane Corso on its native soil.

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" 'Cecce' was a bitch owned by a farmer near my home who I knew since she was a puppy. She would whelp hidden in the recesses of the ruins of a cellar that had been excavated in the chalky clay soil. She would present herself at the home of her owners only to eat, then disappeared immediately after. They let her do as she pleased until she arrived with the puppies following behind her, beautiful and numerous. The new arrivals were then given to friends who had already reserved them."

Cane Corso pioneer Fernando Casolino discusses his childhood fascination with the breed and his famous dog Basir.

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"One characteristic that always marked the Cane Corso was its versatility, highly valued in antiquity up until today. Used in war and  the Roman arenas, the Cane Corso was also employed with excellent results in hunting dangerous game such as wild boar. The dog immobilizes the wild creature, which is then finished off with a knife to the heart by the hunter. Another use was as a butcher's dog, both to defend the herds and to manage and stop the bull by grabbing him by his muzzle to hold him."

Specialist judge Massimo Inzoli gives a comprehensive overview of  the Corso.

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"History and tradition tell us that the Cane Corso has appeared in many tones and colors through the ages. During the recovery of the breed, four basic colors were identified - black, brindle, gray and red - one not to be preferred over the others. Many superstitions were attributed to coat color and the dog's particular specialty - so much so that actual 'tribes' were created of the same color with the same function."

Cane Corso parent-club president Michael Ertaskiran presents a guide to color in the Cane Corso.
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"When Kay Radcliffe of La Mesa, Calif., judged a Cane Corso entry in California recently, she noted that three-quarters of her entry of 11 dogs had some shade of yellow eye.  She disqualified three dogs whose eyes were such a deep, bright yellow that for her they evoked the eagle visage described in the phrase "bird of prey." And while she appreciates that the Cane Corso club may now regret that its choice of language regarding yellow eyes is not as precise as it could be, the standard is still the standard

After the Cane Corso's AKC ring debut, some ups and downs.
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